Brooks Koepka Smoked a Lady So Hard With a Golf Ball She Lost Her Sight

Damn Brooks, just straight up blinding bitches in France. Brooks Koepka has an average ball speed of 180.65 miles per hour.  The woman Koepka hit has lost eyesight in her right eye. This lady should be thanking god himself that she isn’t dead, seeing as the ball hit her square in the forehead. I mean the report literally states the right eyeball exploded” I cant even fathom that, that’s like a visual that happens in a Tarantino movie. Either way, this lady lucked out because at least Koepka signed a glove for her, I mean yeah she lost 50% of her sight but whatever at least she has a smelly Koepka glove with a scribble on it. Also, there’s reports now that Koepka and Dustin Johnson almost had a brawl in the European team room, which I am not going to lie I would have loved seeing, I would have maybe even watched the Ryder Cup to see them brawl. What do you think, Dustin Johnson or Brooks Koepka if they had an actual fight? Let me know in the comments

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