Rams 38 Vikings 31 AKA I Was Right

First off, I would like to say, if you got your bet in on time, and bet the rams at 6.5, you’re welcome. However, if you waited until the spread shifted to 7.5, that’s your fault you dumb idiot. Also, from the start I will show a bit of humility here (very rare because I am a prick) by saying that I thought the Rams would win by 10, they only won by 7. Also, the fact that the offense consisted of 3 players tonight, those players are Goff, Kupp, and Gurley. Plain and Simple, Goff played way above what I thought he was capable of tonight, by dropping some insanely accurate TD passes like this one below where Goff threaded the needle over 2 defenders heads into Kupps hands. Goff treated the defenders like they were irrelevant to the play.

I mean Goff is like fine wine, that’s aging 10 times faster than it’s supposed to. As they say: wine gets better with age (I wouldn’t know, I drink PBR and whatever else I can get my hands on for cheap). I Will say this, the Vikings played better than I would’ve gave them credit for coming into this game, and have redeemed themselves as a possible contention team for the superbowl. However, the Rams still look like the team that’s going to win the NFC, and possibly the superbowl. Give the Facebook and Twitter a follow. If you don’t, I’ll be sending my bookie after you to break some knee caps

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