I Know Why Lil Dicky Had to Cancel His Recent Tour

So, from my groundbreaking investigative work I have found out the shocking truth. Lil Dicky is Colin Kaepernick. Or vice versa. Either way there’s a 100 percent chance they’re the same person, or their mom was loose with it. This is the only logical explanation, all I’m saying is I saw Lil Dicky perform at Springfield College one time and Kaepernick was nowhere to be seen. Coincidence? I think not. Lil Dicky had to cancel his tour not because he was working on the new album, but because he was too busy fighting for equality. I mean look at them, same fro, it just seems like Lil Dicky was slinging the ball for San Fran in blackface, and then spitting at college shows across the country. I mean I could be wrong but like I said earlier I have never seen them in the same room

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