The New Roughing The Passer Rules Flat Out Suck

The picture above perfectly sums up any over the top analogy I could have ever used to describe how I feel about this idiotic rule. I have said it before and I will say it again this rule is ruining the NFL. You’re taking away a huge part of what makes the sport amazing which is monster defensive plays. I understand players need to be protected more than ever, with all the new information we are learning on a regular basis with how the sport of football, and head impacts players suffer can effect a players brain and the way it functions. However, we need a better solution than this, Clay Matthew’s hit on Sunday was a clean football hit, he did everything in his power to not hurt Alex Smith. This rule just opens up a chance for the QBs to start making hits seem way worse than they were (See JPP slapping Big Ben’s helmet and him tragically falling like his spine had been crushed by the impact). I feel like all of the NFL fanbase agrees with me on this, that the rule is detrimental to the sport of football. The NFL needs to find an alternative, and start researching other ways to protect the QB because right now they’re looking like weenie hut JRs in a big way. Leave a comment on your thoughts on this. I will be dropping a Ryder Cup blog once it kicks off, and I’ll drop one tomorrow for sure on the Rams game, reinforcing to you degenerates how much money I win in sports betting.

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