The Degenerate Blog lives

Your’e going to get sick of this blog real quick. I promise you

You miss 100 % of the shots you don’t take – Stormy Daniels

So here it is, ill start off by saying i’m a horrible person, and a horrible writer, one of the worst in existence quite possibly, but my ideas are so good that the public needs to hear them and who am I to rob you of that? There’s going to be a blog up tonight about Tampa Bay VS Pittsburgh, (I took Tampa Bay on the spread because i’m not a total fucking moron) and its going to be pretty fucking good. Expect Fitzmagic (I guess that’s a trademark now thought I would throw that in there for legal purposes) to decimate Pittsburgh’s defense, there’s more holes in that shit than Swiss cheese. I’ll talk more about Monday Night football in a post later tonight or tomorrow, and I will gloat when the Buccs do exactly what I said they will do, dominate. Follow the twitter @degensportsblog there’s gonna be some great content on there. Ill be cranking out a few blogs a week on an absolute Adderall fueled binge while trying to balance work and avoiding my bookie, so check them out.

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